Mary Ogilvy House

Mary Ogilvy House is a picturesque stately aged care facility located in New Town, Tasmania. The philosophy of Mary Ogilvy House is to provide the highest standard of care to all residents, while maintaining the dignity, privacy, independence and comfort of each.

Mary Ogilvy House has 80 residents ( both high and low care ) and also provide extra service places. It is the aim of the home to remain a boutique facility thus providing the optimum personal care.

The idea for The Mary Ogilvy Homes Society was conceived over sixty years ago to care for frail aged ladies who did not have a family network capable of providing that caring. The society has changed quite a lot in the past sixty years. Families now have become smaller and more mobile, and these days, both partners now need employment to sustain their immediate family. These changes have meant that the need for alternative accommodation for aged people has become greater. This is seen to be a continuing trend for the foreseeable future as a greater portion of our population continues to age and live for longer thanks to advances in medicine.

Please feel free to browse and see what we can offer you and your loved ones. You will find a list of services we provide, accommodation and day-to-day activities. If you like what you see for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Mary Ogilvy House is an accredited aged care facility, fully compliant with all standards.

Resident Handbook and Application Pack are available from reception, please ring (03) 6228 1037.

Mary Ogilvy House is a non-smoking environment.

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