Donations & Bequests

Mary Ogilvy Home is a caring, peaceful home for the elderly. With only eighty residents, the home is small enough for the staff to get to know everyone. The residents are valued as individuals and are encouraged to pursue their own interests or to take part in the many organised activities. The staff provide high quality nursing care. The building, which is heritage listed, combines old world charms with modern amenities, and the surrounding garden is a beautiful place to exercise, relax and socialise.

Mary Ogilvy Home has become the excellent home that it is today through the generosity of the community. The Mary Ogilvy Homes Society is a not-for-profit organisation, so any profits are invested back into the home. The home receives funding from the government, resident fees, and donations and bequests. The donations and bequests, which are used to improve the building and facilities, make a big difference.

If you are interested in making a donation or a bequest, please contact Mary Ogilvy's Business Manager, John Sattler (phone 03 62281037, email All donations are tax deductible. Regarding bequests, you may also need to consult your lawyer about updating your will to reflect your wishes.


  Letter - Donations


  A Legacy to Aged Care

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