History of the Home

The land on which Mary Ogilvy House stands is a small portion of the original 157-acre Land Grant to Charles Swanston Esq.. The exact date of construction is unknown, but in the Deed transferring the property from Lavington Roope, a well known Hobart businessman, to Mrs. Phillis Seal in 1856, the house is referred to as having been “lately built by Lavington Roope”.

The house changed hands quite often during the next fifty years, and in 1889 was described on a mortgage deed thus, “A well built stone residence with slates, coach house and other out-buildings and tennis court, (occupied by Mr Counsel), a weather board cottage, (occupied by W. Lyall), a stone house and stables, (occupied by Mr. Craustorm). The land also occupies about 7 acres or thereabouts in grass and about 2 to 3 acres in gardens and orchard and has very large frontages on the Main Road to New Norfolk, on Cross, Swanston, Ross and Montague Streets.” In 1919 Captain Kenneth Ogilvy purchased it from T. W. Hopkins.

The house was purchased by The Society in 1946.

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