Residential Agreement

All residents and their advocates sign an agreement on admission to the facility. It gives a clear record of the rights and responsibilities of the new resident, and clearly indicates the rights and responsibilities of The Society towards the resident.

Allocation of Rooms

Rooms are allocated generally on a suitability basis.

Prospective residents will always be given a short time to decide whether the room being offered is suitable for their use, and has the facilities needed to ensure quality of life style. Residents accepting placement in a room which does not meet all their personal requirements may request transfer to a room of their choice as one becomes available, and will have the support required from staff to maintain their lifestyle while awaiting the room change.

Social Independence

Residents at Mary Ogilvy House are encouraged to maintain independence in all their activities, as far as individually possible. Maintaining relationships and personal contact with those outside the home, and continuing the activities that are important to them are two of the many ways of maintaining social and personal independence. New friendships and contacts will develop from within the home, but the continuation of old patterns of social behavior is very important, and greatly assists the new resident to settle comfortable into their new surroundings and way of life. Residents are encouraged to furnish their room with personal belongings and to inform us of any special cultural, religious or dietary customs they may wish to continue.

Residents are encouraged to maintain their social responsibilities, obligations and privileges as private citizens, such as being informed of current affairs, voting and continuing to take part in community events. By working with residents and their families and friends, staff at Mary Ogilvy House can work towards achieving the necessary balance between encouraging independence and providing necessary support.

Health Care

Residents continue to have any health care needs met by the medical practitioner of their choice.

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