Activities held outside of Mary Ogilvy include visits to:

  • Indoor bowls
  • Counter meals at hotels such as Cooley’s, Carlyle, Claremont and Pontville
  • Visits to the Museum, Botanical Gardens, Begonias at Cambridge
  • Independent shopping excursions
  • Day trips to areas such as Richmond, Huon Valley and other locations.

Residents are encouraged to participate in lifestyle activities within the home. This includes:

  • Poetry readings, music appreciation, craft, quizzes and sewing sessions are held during each month
  • In conjunction with the Migrant Resource Centre and other community groups, the home is entertained by groups such as the Italian Choir, Irish Dancers, German Choir, Friends School and Ogilvie High School
  • BBQ luncheons
  • Bingo
  • Cinema and supper evenings.